What Goods Can You Ship by Train? A Comprehensive Guide

Rail freight transport is a popular way to ship cargo, including bulk cargo and consumer goods, such as household cleaning products, batteries, and paint. Are you curious about what products you can send by train? The short answer is that trains can carry almost anything. From materials extracted from the ground to the products that make a house a home and everything in between, it can be shipped by rail. Let's explore this in more detail.

Tank wagons are capable of transporting a wide variety of materials, from natural gas to corn syrup. Hazardous materials are often shipped in tankers, with crude oil being one of the most common types of cargo. These loads usually consist of more than 100 wagons and operate like a single train. Trains are also used to move vehicles and their components.

A guide to shipping freight by train covers topics such as construction materials, food, beverages, new vehicles and other products. Understanding how wood is transported by trucks and trains and comparing the two options can help timber carriers strengthen their supply chains and maximize their profitability in this huge industry. It's common to see many intermodal cargo facilities near waterways, as containers are unloaded from ships and placed on trucks and trains.

Heidi Longbotham
Heidi Longbotham

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