Spiritual Community of Naples

This website is dedicated to those who find themselves choosing to live a different life.  One that is coming from within.  One that is in connection with that God Source Energy.  This website has changed over the years to reflect the changes that our planet is going through. The changes that all of us are going through on a Spiritual level. 

What started out as guidance to form the Art of Allowing group, allowing people to talk about their growth and experiences, to this website, Daily Insights Emailings and most recently a gathering space for others in need of room to share their messages.I offer a variety of methods to assist you in your discovery of your Inner Self and the guidance you are receiving from it.  I have the weekly Art of Allowing gatherings, Daily Insight emails, and/or Spiritual Mentoring one on one.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss any of these options in more detail.

It doesn't matter if you are visiting Naples or live here full time.  There is a very strong Energy base here and a larger than expected Spiritual Community to accommodate most practices.  You can get some useful information about spiritual tours india from this great website aboiut spiritual travels www.outertravelsinnerjourneys.com .

There are ongoing workshops, Abraham-Hicks gatherings and other study groups, Spiritual Centers, Health Food Stores, a large variety of Churches, Yoga Centers, Spiritual shops, Wellness Centers, Life Coaches, Awareness Coaches, Holistic Centers, Hooping, Drum Circles, Crystal Bowl meditations and more.  

The Art of Allowing Meetup group is a wonderful way to meet new friends who share a common interest.  That interest being: to strengthen our connection to God/Source.  As we do that, we lead by example and impact our community and the planet.  If you want a .........world, start living a ..........life.  You plug in the word.  We were meant to be Joyful creative beings and our group offers the forum to express that experience to others so that they can learn to experience it for themselves.  New to all this is no matter.  The Energy of this group is infectious and when you leave, you too will find yourself greedy for being happy.  

God is all that is good and loving and you were meant to experience that in your life.  Try out our group or search out a church or group that supports you in your Spiritual Growth.  These are very exciting times as more and more people are coming into alignment with who they really are and finding that life is so much more meaningful and uplifting.