Rolling Stock


Diesel traction is still by far the most efficient means of pulling freight. Modern diesel engines Agen Judi Sbobet return a mechanical efficiency in excess of 42%, whereas electric traction requires electricity from the National grid, which after allowing for generation and transmission losses, is less than 35% efficient. Translink plans to use diesel locomotives to haul the low-floor wagon trains. The locomotives themselves will be fully remanufactured units, fitted with new engines and designed for an operating speed of 100 kph.

Close-up diesel locomotive


Freight Wagons

Ultra-flat piggyback low-floor freight wagons would be used to transport the HGVs. This new type of wagon platform has been developed jointly by Hupac S.A and the Swiss Federal Railways, especially for use through the Gotthard Tunnel. Designed to transport 45 tonne HGVs, the low floor arrangement is such that the Woodhead tunnel could accommodate the largest lorries in twin-track configuration.


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